Why Live Crickets

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A high quality Cricket!

All crickets worms are not created equally.  Our feeder worms are produced for the pet food market with attention to diet.  While it would be easy to cut costs and feed our worms a low cost diet, we choose high quality feed when raising our worms. 

Our facility is one of the best you will find in our industry.  Our storage room is climate controlled to keep your worms at the perfect temperature prior to shipping.  An enormous amount of work goes into developing packing and finding the right shipping strategy at the right price to deliver live healthy worms to you.

We also provide a complete variety of worms for the reptile market.  You can mix and match small and large quantities of worms so you can find the right mix for your reptile.  Reptiles are like people, they don't like just one kind of food all the time.  We give you the opportunity to try small quantities of different types of worms.  If your reptile loves the worms, then you can buy in bulk and save money.

Something Special for Breeders

This program is designed only for breeders of Reptiles.  If you are a owner of a Reptile(s) and would like to order feeders for your animal go to either www.premiumcrickets.com or www.georgiacrickets.com.

To order from this site you must qualify as a breeder.  Please log into the site and fill out an application.  We will call you back to discuss your application and if you qualify will give you access to ordering from the website.