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Dubia Roaches

Dubia Roaches

Pest Free, Disease Free, Dubia Roaches
Our gutloaded roaches are ideal for anybody keeping one animal to hundreds!
Grow Business

Grow Business

With great feeder pricing.
Featuring various sizes of roaches for Reptile Keepers. We ship directly from our Farm in Georgia!


Quality supplies for your feeders
We have what you need to keep your feeders healthy and alive.
Feeder Roaches

Feeder Roaches

Pest Free, Disease Free, Acheta Crickets Direct from the Farm!
If you have ordered from other sources in the past, you will appreciate the high quality, clean, energetic, roaches that we ship directly to you from our farm.
Great Service

Great Service

We strongly support our Reptile Breeders
Individual Breeders are the lifeblood of this industry. We ship directly from our farm in Georgia

What is the Premium Crickets Breeder Feeder Program all about?

Live Crickets is here for one simple reason - help Reptile Breeders make more money by spending less!

Live Crickets is exclusively for Reptile breeders. You must apply for membership through this website and can order once approved.  We only sell the Acheta Domesticus Cricket. The Original feeder cricket. The healthiest and non aggressive cricket out there.

The better the food, the healthier the animal, the more customers buy from you.


In observance of Labor Day we will be closed Monday 7th September. All shipments will be processed on Tuesday 8th September. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Live Crickets Breeder Feeder Program

Live Crickets breeder feeder program is available only to Reptile Breeders. Click on the button to apply for membership at no charge.  We will review your membership application and contact you shortly.

Please note, we currently only ship ONE DAY A WEEK ON MONDAY


Please review our Shipping and Live Delivery Guarantee prior to ordering.

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